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In 1998, I moved to Seattle and rented an apartment on the second floor of a 100 year-old house on the water on the Northeast shore of Lake Union. My landlords lived in the houseboat connected to the house. My Necky kayak hung on the side of the house and I could be in the water within minutes. Life was good.

When I learned of a new Mexican restaurant, Agua Verde Café, which had opened just across the water, a short 10 minute kayak from my house….well… life got even better. Frozen Mango margaritas, delicious tacos and enchiladas enjoyed with an incredible view along Portage Bay.

Agua Verde Café was one of those experiences that made Seattle so special to me. Friends visiting were treated to a kayak trip through the Montlake Cut, around the arboretum loop, past Husky stadium with a stop at Agua Verde Café as we paddled back home. Little did I know that in 2019, I would have a chance to purchase the Café!

Upon owning Agua Verde Café, I wanted to keep what made the Café special while adding a few personal touches. I knocked down some walls to open up the waterfront view for all to see and added a 13-seat bar to help with service. No more drinks coming out of the kitchen! My Capitol Hill, award-winning bar, Rumba, designed five Agua Verde Café cocktails on draft made in house. Since they are on tap, they come out quick, are consistently made and taste delicious every time!

The Agua Verde Marina Cantina was also added down by the water on the east side of the Café. Complete with a food truck and outdoor bar, this unique space is open from May through September each year.

We brought in a chef who has kept the classic Agua Verde Café dishes but added a few new ones, as well! Don’t miss out on the new Rockfish Tacos with Mango salsa served on house made tortillas! So come on down to visit Agua Verde Café, one of Seattle’s most classic and unique restaurants. It’s what makes Seattle…well…Seattle!

Owner/Operator:  Travis Rosenthal

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